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Award YearAward CategoryTitleAuthor's NamePublisher/ProducerNotes
1960 Best Foreign film Sapphire Janet Green Rank/Artna
1960 Best Motion Picture North by Northwest Ernest Lehman MGM
1960 Best Novel The Hours Before Dawn Celia Fremlin Lippincott
1960 Best Novel The List of Adrian Messenger Philip MacDonald Doubleday
1960 Best Radio Drama Sorry, Wrong Number Lucille Fletcher CBS Series: Suspense
1960 Best Radio Drama 1959 Suspense William N. Robson CBS Comment: Raven Award
1960 Best Short Story The Landlady Roald Dahl The New Yorker Volume: November '59
1960 Best Short Story The Day of the Bullet Stanley Ellin Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine Volume: October '59
1960 The Raven Award Ray Brennan Comment: for crime reporting
1960 The Raven Award David C. Cook Comment: for Best Detective Stories of the Year
1960 The Raven Award Alfred Hitchcock Comment: for his contribution to the mystery genre
1960 The Raven Award Gail Jackson Comment: producer of Perry Mason TV series
1960 The Raven Award Phyllis McGinley Comment: Mystery Fan of the Year
1959 Best Episode in a TV Series Capital Punishment James Lee NBC-TV Series: Omnibus
1959 Best Episode in a TV Series The Edge of Truth Adrian Spies CBS-TV Series: Studio One
1959 Best Fact Crime They Died in the Chair Wenzell Brown Popular Library
1959 Best Fact Crime The Deadly Reasons Edward D. Radin Popular Library
1959 Best Fact Crime The Incurable Wound Berton Roueche Little, Brown
1959 Best Fact Crime The Murder and the Trial Edgar Lustgarten Scribners
1959 Best Fact Crime The Royal Vultures Hillel Black Pocket Books Comment: as told by Sam Kollman
1959 Best First Novel The Bright Road to Fear Richard Martin Stern Ballantine
1959 Best First Novel Death of a Spinster Frances Duncombe Scribners
1959 Best First Novel Now Will You Try for Murder? Harry Olesker Simon & Schuster
1959 Best First Novel The Man Who Disappeared Edgar J. Bohle Random House
1959 Best Foreign film Inspector Maigret Georges Simenon Intermondia/J.P. Guibert/Jolly Film
1959 Best Motion Picture The Defiant Ones Nathan E. Douglas, Harold Jacob Smith United Artists
1959 Best Novel The Eighth Circle Stanley Ellin Random House
1959 Best Novel A Gentleman Called Dorothy Salisbury Davis Scribners
1959 Best Novel The Madhouse in Washington Square David Alexander Lippincott
1959 Best Novel The Woman in the Woods Lee Blackstock Doubleday
1959 Best Short Story Over There, Darkness William O'Farrell Sleuth Volume: October '58
1959 Book Jacket Award Western Printing & Lithographing Co. Comment: for Dell book jackets
1959 Special Edgars American Murder Ballads Olive Wooley Burt Oxford University Press
1959 The Grand Master Rex Stout
1959 The Raven Award Lawrence G. Blochman Comment: for long and distinguished service to MWA and The Third Degree
1959 The Raven Award Frederic G. Melcher Comment: on his retirement after 35 years with Publishers Weekly
1959 The Raven Award Franklin Delano Roosevelt Comment: (posthumous) Reader of the Year, accepted by Eleanor Roosevelt
1958 Best First Novel Root of Evil James Cross Messner
1958 Best Motion Picture Twelve Angry Men Reginald Rose Orion/Nova
1958 Best Motion Picture Witness for the Prosecution Harry Kurnitz, Billy Wilder United Artists
1958 Best Novel Room to Swing Ed Lacy Harper
1958 Best Novel The Bushman Who Came Back Arthur Upfield Doubleday
1958 Best Novel The Longest Second Bill Ballinger Harper
1958 Best Novel The Night of the Good Children Marjorie Carleton Wm. Morrow
1958 Best Radio Drama The Galindez-Murphy Case: A Chronicle of Terror Jay MacMullen CBS
1958 Best Short Story The Secret of the Bottle Gerald Kersh Saturday Evening Post Volume: December 7 '57
1958 Best Short Story And Already Lost Charlotte Armstrong Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine Volume: June '57
1958 Book Jacket Award Harper Bros. Comment: for general excellence
1958 Book Jacket Award Dell Comment: for their Great Mystery Series book jackets
1958 The Grand Master Vincent Starrett
1958 Best Episode in a TV Series Mechanical Manhunt Harold Swanton NBC-TV Series: Alcoa Hour
1958 Best Episode in a TV Series The Trial of Lizzie Borden Omnibus staff ABC Series: Omnibus
1958 Best Fact Crime The D.A.'s Man Harold R. Danforth, James D. Horan Crown
1958 Best Fact Crime Memoirs of a Bow Street Runner Henry Goddard, Patrick Pringle Wm. Morrow
1958 Best Fact Crime The Girl in the Belfry Joseph Henry Jackson, Lenore Glen Offord Gold Medal
1958 Best First Novel Knock and Wait a While William Rawle Weeks Houghton Mifflin
1958 Best First Novel Bay of the Damned Warren Carrier John Day
1957 Best Episode in a TV Series The Fine Art of Murder Sidney Carroll ABC Series: Omnibus
1957 Best Episode in a TV Series Playhouse 90 Comment: awarded a Scroll for excellence of production and quality of its telecasts
1957 Best Fact Crime Night Fell on Georgia Charles Samuels, Louise Samuels Dell
1957 Best Fact Crime Historical Whodunits Hugh Ross Williamson Macmillan
1957 Best Fact Crime Ruby McCollum, The Woman in the Suwanne Jail William Bradford Huie Dutton
1957 Best First Novel Rebecca's Pride Donald McNutt Douglass Harper
1957 Best Novel A Dram of Poison Charlotte Armstrong Coward-McCann
1957 Best Novel The Man Who Didn't Fly Margot Bennett Harper
1957 Best Short Story The Blessington Method Stanley Ellin Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine Volume: June '56
1957 Best Short Story The Gentlest of the Brothers David Alexander Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine Volume: February '56
1957 Best Short Story The Last Spin Evan Hunter Manhunt Volume: September '56
1957 Book Jacket Award Inspector Maigret and the Burglar's Wife Doubleday Comment: hardcover
1957 Outstanding Mystery Criticism Curtis W. Casewit Denver Post
1957 Special Edgars Compulsion Meyer Levin Simon & Schuster
1957 The Raven Award Dorothy Kilgallen Comment: Reader of the Year
1956 Best Episode in a TV Series A Taste of Honey Alvin Sapinsley Jr. ABC Series: Elgin Hour
1956 Best Episode in a TV Series Thin Air Ben Starr CBS-TV Series: Climax
1956 Best Fact Crime Dead and Gone Manly Wade Wellman University of North Carolina Press
1956 Best Fact Crime The Assassins Robert J. Donovan Harper
1956 Best Fact Crime The Truth About Belle Gunness Lillian de la Torre Gold Medal
1956 Best First Novel The Perfectionist Lane Kauffman Lippincott
1956 Best First Novel In His Blood Harold R. Daniels Dell
1956 Best First Novel Much Ado About Murder Fred Levon Dodd, Mead
1956 Best Foreign film Diabolique Henri-Georges Clouzot Filmsonor
1956 Best Motion Picture The Desperate Hours Joseph Hayes Paramount
1956 Best Novel Beast in View Margaret Millar Random House
1956 Best Novel The Case of the Talking Bug The Gordons Doubleday
1956 Best Novel The Talented Mr. Ripley Patricia Highsmith Coward-McCann
1956 Best Short Story Dream No More Philip MacDonald Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine Volume: November '55
1956 Best Short Story Invitation to an Accident Wade Miller Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine Volume: July '55
1956 Book Jacket Award Scribners
1955 Best Episode in a TV Series Smoke Gore Vidal CBS-TV Series: Suspense
1955 Best Episode in a TV Series The Long Goodbye E. Jack Neuman CBS-TV Series: Climax
1955 Best Fact Crime The Girl with the Scarlet Brand Charles Boswell, Lewis Thompson Fawcett
1955 Best First Novel Go, Lovely Rose Jean Potts Scribners
1955 Best Motion Picture Rear Window John Michael Hayes Paramount
1955 Best Novel The Long Goodbye Raymond Chandler Houghton Mifflin
1955 Best Play Witness for the Prosecution Agatha Christie
1955 Best Radio Drama The Tree Stanley Niss CBS Series: 21st Precinct
1955 Best Short Story The House Party Stanley Ellin Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine Volume: May '54
1955 Book Jacket Award Berton Roueche Dell Comment: softcover
1955 Book Jacket Award Eleven Blue Men Little, Brown
1955 Outstanding Mystery Criticism Drexel Drake Chicago Tribune