Category List – Best Novel

* BOLD records denote winners
Total Records Found: 339, showing 100 per page
Award YearAward CategoryTitleAuthor's NamePublisher/ProducerNotes
1965 Best Novel The Night of the Generals Hans Hellmut Kirst Harper & Row
1965 Best Novel This Rough Magic Mary Stewart Wm. Morrow
1964 Best Novel The Light of Day Eric Ambler Knopf
1964 Best Novel Grieve for the Past Stanton Forbes Doubleday
1964 Best Novel The Expendable Man Dorothy B. Hughes Random House
1964 Best Novel The Make-Believe Man Elizabeth Fenwick Harper & Row
1964 Best Novel The Player on the Other Side Ellery Queen Random House
1963 Best Novel Death and the Joyful Woman Ellis Peters Doubleday
1963 Best Novel Knave of Hearts Dell Shannon Wm. Morrow
1963 Best Novel Seance Mark McShane Doubleday
1963 Best Novel The Ballad of the Running Man Shelley Smith Harper & Row
1963 Best Novel The Evil Wish Jean Potts Scribners
1963 Best Novel The Zebra-Striped Hearse Ross Macdonald Knopf
1962 Best Novel Gideon's Fire J.J. Marric Harper
1962 Best Novel Night of Wenceslas Lionel Davidson Harper
1962 Best Novel Nightmare Anne Blaisdell Harper
1962 Best Novel The Green Stone Suzanne Blanc Harper
1962 Best Novel The Wycherly Woman Ross Macdonald Knopf
1961 Best Novel The Progress of a Crime Julian Symons Harper
1961 Best Novel The Devil's Own Peter Curtis Doubleday
1961 Best Novel The Traces of Brillhart Herbert Brean Harper
1961 Best Novel Watcher in the Shadows Geoffrey Household Little, Brown
1960 Best Novel The Hours Before Dawn Celia Fremlin Lippincott
1960 Best Novel The List of Adrian Messenger Philip MacDonald Doubleday
1959 Best Novel The Eighth Circle Stanley Ellin Random House
1959 Best Novel A Gentleman Called Dorothy Salisbury Davis Scribners
1959 Best Novel The Madhouse in Washington Square David Alexander Lippincott
1959 Best Novel The Woman in the Woods Lee Blackstock Doubleday
1958 Best Novel Room to Swing Ed Lacy Harper
1958 Best Novel The Bushman Who Came Back Arthur Upfield Doubleday
1958 Best Novel The Longest Second Bill Ballinger Harper
1958 Best Novel The Night of the Good Children Marjorie Carleton Wm. Morrow
1957 Best Novel A Dram of Poison Charlotte Armstrong Coward-McCann
1957 Best Novel The Man Who Didn't Fly Margot Bennett Harper
1956 Best Novel Beast in View Margaret Millar Random House
1956 Best Novel The Case of the Talking Bug The Gordons Doubleday
1956 Best Novel The Talented Mr. Ripley Patricia Highsmith Coward-McCann
1955 Best Novel The Long Goodbye Raymond Chandler Houghton Mifflin
1954 Best Novel Beat Not the Bones Charlotte Jay Harper