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Award YearAward CategoryTitleAuthor's NamePublisher/ProducerNotes
1980 Best Juvenile The Kidnapping of Christina Lattimore Joan Lowery Nixon Harcourt Brace Jovanovich
1980 Best Motion Picture The Great Train Robbery Michael Crichton United Artists
1980 Best Novel The Rheingold Route Arthur Maling Harper & Row
1980 Best Paperback Original The Hog Murders William L. DeAndrea Avon
1980 Best Play Deathtrap Ira Levin
1980 Best Short Story Armed and Dangerous Geoffrey Norman Esquire Volume: March '79
1980 Best TV Feature or MiniSeries Murder by Natural Causes Richard Levinson, William Link CBS-TV
1980 Special Edgars Dick Tracy Chester Gould Comment: creator of Dick Tracy nearly 50 years ago
1980 Special Edgars The Bibliography of Crimie Fiction, 1749 - 1975 Allen J Hubin University Extension/University of California
1980 Special Edgars The Murderers' Who's Who J.H.H. Gaute, Robin Odell
1980 The Grand Master W.R. Burnett
1980 The Raven Award Muppet Murders Muppet Show
1979 Best Critical/Biographical Work The Mystery of Agatha Christie Gwen Robins Doubleday
1979 Best Episode in a TV Series Murder Under Glass Robert Van Scoyk NBC-TV Series: Columbo
1979 Best Fact Crime Till Death Do Us Part Vincent Bugliosi, Ken Hurwitz W.W. Norton & Co.
1979 Best First Novel Killed in the Ratings William L. DeAndrea Harcourt Brace Jovanovich
1979 Best Juvenile Alone in Wolf Hollow Dana Brookins Seabury Press
1979 Best Motion Picture Magic William Goldman Twentieth Century Fox
1979 Best Novel The Eye of the Needle Ken Follett Arbor House
1979 Best Paperback Original Deceit and Deadly Lies Frank Bandy Charter
1979 Best Short Story The Cloud Beneath The Eaves Barbara Owens Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine Volume: January '78
1979 Best TV Feature or MiniSeries Dashiell Hammett's The DainCurse Robert Lenski CBS-TV
1979 Special Edgars Frederic Dannay Comment: celebrating 50 years since the publication of his first novel
1979 Special Edgars Mignon C. Eberhart Comment: celebrating 50 years since the publicaton of his first novel
1979 Special Edgars Columbo and Ellery Queen TV series Richard Levinson, William Link
1979 The Grand Master Aaron Marc Stein
1979 The Raven Award Alberto Tedeschi Mondadori Comment: publisher of the most succesful Italian series of mysteries
1978 Best First Novel A French Finish Robert Ross Putnam
1978 Best Juvenile A Really Weird Summer Eloise Jarvis McGraw Atheneum
1978 Best Motion Picture The Late Show Robert Benton Warner Bros.
1978 Best Novel Catch Me: Kill Me William H. Hallahan Bobbs-Merrill
1978 Best Paperback Original The Quark Maneuver Mike Jahn Ballantine
1978 Best Short Story Chance After Chance Thomas Walsh Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine Volume: November '77
1978 Best TV Feature or MiniSeries Men Who Love Women Gordon Cotler, Don M. Mankiewicz NBC-TV Series: Rosetti and Ryan pilot
1978 Special Edgars Allen J Hubin Comment: for a decade as editor of The Armchair Detective
1978 Special Edgars Murder Ink Dilys Winn Workman
1978 Special Edgars Mystery Writer's Handbook Lawrence Treat
1978 The Grand Master Daphne du Maurier
1978 The Grand Master Dorothy B. Hughes
1978 The Grand Master Ngaio Marsh
1978 The Raven Award Barney Miller Danny Arnold ABC Comment: executive producer of the TV series
1978 The Raven Award Dracula on Broadway Edward Gorey Comment: for the sets he designed for Dracula on Broadway
1978 The Raven Award I Am My Brother's Keeper Richard N. Hughes WPIX Comment: for being the best showcase for mystery stories
1978 Best Critical/Biographical Work Rex Stout John McAleer Little, Brown
1978 Best Episode in a TV Series The Thighbone Is Connected to the Knee Bone Tony Lawrence, Lou Shaw NBC-TV Series: Quincy
1978 Best Fact Crime By Persons Unknown Barbara Amiel, George Jonas Grove Press
1977 Best Critical/Biographical Work Encyclopedia of Mystery and Detection Marvin Lachman, Otto Penzler, Charles Shibuk, Chris Steinbrunner McGraw-Hill
1977 Best Episode in a TV Series Requiem for Murder James J. Sweeney ABC Series: Streets of San Francisco
1977 Best Fact Crime Blood and Money Thomas Thompson Doubleday
1977 Best First Novel The Thomas Berryman Number James Patterson Little, Brown
1977 Best Juvenile Are You in the House Alone? Richard Peck Viking
1977 Best Motion Picture Family Plot Ernest Lehman Universal
1977 Best Novel Promised Land Robert B. Parker Houghton Mifflin
1977 Best Paperback Original Confess, Fletch Gregory McDonald Avon
1977 Best Short Story Like a Terrible Scream Etta Revesz Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine Volume: May '76
1977 Best TV Feature or MiniSeries Helter-Skelter J.P. Miller CBS-TV
1976 Best Episode in a TV Series No Immunity for Murder Joe Gores CBS-TV Series: Kojak
1976 Best Fact Crime A Time To Die Tom Wicker Quadrangle NY Times
1976 Best First Novel The Alvarez Journal Rex Burns Harper & Row
1976 Best Juvenile Z for Zachariah Robert C. O'Brien Atheneum
1976 Best Motion Picture Three Days of the Condor David Rayfiel, Lorenzo Semple Jr. Paramount
1976 Best Novel Hopscotch Brian Garfield M. Evans
1976 Best Paperback Original Autopsy John R. Feegel Avon
1976 Best Short Story The Jail Jesse Hill Ford Playboy Volume: March '75
1976 Best TV Feature or MiniSeries The Legend of Lizzie Borden William Bast ABC
1976 Special Edgars Jorge Luis Borges Comment: for distinguished contribution to the mystery genre
1976 Special Edgars Encyclopedia Brown books Donald J. Sobol Comment: juvenile mystery
1976 The Grand Master Graham Greene
1976 The Raven Award Eddie Lawrence Comment: Reader of the Year
1976 The Raven Award Leo Margolies Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine Comment: editor
1975 Best Episode in a TV Series Requiem for C.Z. Smith Roberts Collins NBC-TV Series: Police Story
1975 Best Fact Crime Helter Skelter Vincent Bugliosi, Curt Gentry W.W. Norton & Co.
1975 Best First Novel Fletch Gregory McDonald Bobbs-Merrill
1975 Best Juvenile The Dangling Witness Jay Bennett Delacorte Press
1975 Best Motion Picture Chinatown Robert Towne Paramount
1975 Best Novel Peter's Pence Jon Cleary Wm. Morrow
1975 Best Paperback Original The Corpse That Walked Roy Winsor Fawcett
1975 Best Short Story The Fallen Curtain Ruth Rendell Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine Volume: August '74
1975 Best TV Feature or MiniSeries The Law Joel Oliansky NBC-TV
1975 Book Jacket Award Tales of the Black Widowers Doubleday Comment: hardcover
1975 Book Jacket Award The Hubschmann Effect Pocket Books Comment: softcover
1975 Special Edgars Howard Haycraft Comment: for his distinguished contribution to mystery criticism and scholarship
1975 Special Edgars Royal Bloodline: Ellery Queen, Author and Detective Francis M. Nevins, Jr. Bowling Green Popular Press
1975 The Grand Master Eric Ambler
1975 The Raven Award ABC Comment: for its World Wide Mystery series
1975 The Raven Award Royal Shakespeare Company Comment: for the company's revival of the play
1975 The Raven Award Radio Mystery Theatre CBS Comment: for the Hy Brown nightly mysteries; Series: Radio Mystery Theatre
1974 Best Episode in a TV Series Requiem for an Informer Sy Salkowitz NBC-TV Series: Police Story
1974 Best Fact Crime Legacy of Death Barbara Levy Prentice-Hall
1974 Best First Novel The Billion Dollar Sure Thing Paul E. Erdman Scribners
1974 Best Juvenile The Long Black Coat Jay Bennett Delacorte Press
1974 Best Motion Picture The Last of Sheila Anthony Perkins, Stephen Sondheim Warner Bros.
1974 Best Novel Dance Hall of the Dead Tony Hillerman Harper & Row
1974 Best Paperback Original Death of an Informer Will Perry Pyramid
1974 Best Short Story The Whimper of Whipped Dogs Harlan Ellison Thomas M. Disch Anthology: Bad Moon Rising
1974 Best TV Feature or MiniSeries Isn't It Shocking Lane Slate ABC
1974 Book Jacket Award Reprisal Dodd, Mead Comment: hardcover
1974 Book Jacket Award The Abductor Curtis Books Comment: softcover
1974 Special Edgars The Onion Field Joseph Wambaugh Delacorte Press
1974 The Grand Master Ross Macdonald Comment: Ross Macdonald was the pseudonym used by Kenneth Millar